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What this Product is,


To fit swans replica goggles, measured from originals.


Fit them into your personal snow goggles, each ski goggle will be different and will require modification for use with these parts.  


The part will come with the top vents which will need a red sponge added to the inside, Make 4 holes on the top of the goggles the same size as the part to. fit in the top.


Add a 40mm elastic strap to the buckles. youll also need to add a square hole to the side of the goggles. 


Goggle lens should be yellow not green.


You will need to sand and primer the model to fill in print lines then choose your final paint and distress the item to look like your desired final greeble.

Swans goggle 3d Printed scratch build parts for hoth goggles, custom

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