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Please visit us directly at for our handmade products.

All the costumes and props are handmade made in Manchester, United Kingdom, I make each item by hand for each order. If you want to see some of these builds progressing follow @retrorevivalprops on Instagram or contact the store for custom work.

What this piece is.
This is an accurate reproduction of the Poncho worn by Princess Leia Organa from Star Wars Return of the Jedi made in 1983.

Princess Leia Organa was one of the Rebel Alliance's greatest leaders, fearless on the battlefield and dedicated to ending the tyranny of the Empire. Retro Revival Props is proud to offer Princess Leia Organa’s belt. You can now be a part of the fight against the Empire and become even closer to Leia.

This STAR WARS costume accessory was recreated using reference photos taken from the original screen-used production props and has been uniquely custom-handmade for you.

The poncho is available in either Luke or Leia variant or white with the ability to paint your own. This costume accessory is ready to wear.

It features a double-lined hood, thick twill fabric, belt holes, and an authentic camouflage pattern influenced by the screen used. This costume accessory is ready to wear.


To get creases out, use grease-proof paper and iron on a flat surface.


Please let me know your measurements, E.g. collar to the thigh (poncho length) shoulder to the back of the thigh (back of poncho length) each one will be custom-made.  After a purchase is made we will send over a size chart to complete or to write back the required measurements, without this, we won't be able to progress with the order.

When Poncho is bought with a belt. 
‘Leia holster pouches’ – Poncho, belt, holster, and one pouch.
'Leia 3 pouches etc' - Poncho, belt, holster, and three pouches.
‘Leia with belt’ - Poncho with only the belt.
Leia Poncho – Poncho only.
Leia belt is made of a 2-inch military green polyester webbing. The pouch and holster are machines stitched and made from soft black suede. The buckle is accurate to the original and is painted to suit the camouflage.
'Leia upgrade' complete poncho with 3 suede pouches and a vegetable leather gun holster

Belt only- 
‘L x1 pouch 1x holster' Leia belt, buckle, one pouch one holster.
'L 1xhol 3xpouch' Leia belt, buckle, three pouches, and one holster.

This item has been made under the guides of the Rebel Legion rules.

Postage to the UK and internationally is sent tracked and signed for and the tracking number will be sent when dispatched. 

Thank you for visiting Retro Revival Props, all products are handmade from custom-made parts all created in Manchester, England by one creative. If you have any questions about any item or any custom work please send me a private message. Visit my other items on the Etsy store or visit my personal website for other creative works.

Leia Organa Poncho

PriceFrom £140.00
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