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Please visit us directly at for our handmade products.

All the costumes and props are handmade and made to order in Manchester, United Kingdom. If you want to see progress with builds follow @retrorevivalprops on Instagram. If you don’t see a piece on here, please let me know as I accept custom orders.

What this piece is.
This is an accurate reproduction of the Sheepskin Vest worn by Clint Eastwood 'The Man with No Name' in the Dollars Trilogy, as the  Blondie Character. 

This Dollars trilogy costume accessory was recreated using reference photos taken from the original screen-used production props and has been uniquely custom-handmade for you.

It features a real sheepskin unevenly worn and aged like the original. (each piece will vary due to leather not being the same) 
Vegetable-tanned leather is used on the strings.
Stitched by a vintage 1950s sewing machine so it is super authentic to the Clint version, each line/ Patchwork on the vest is as close to onscreen as possible. Each vest takes a while to make since it is all stitched slowly. 
Each vest is not perfect each stitch won't be perfect, its made to look 'handmade and rough'
This vest is one of the first authentic-looking patchwork vests out there, usually, the patchwork isn't something anyone does.

Sanding and weathering powders can be used to make it look like its more aged and has been in the old west.

You can choose between white thread or brown thread depending on what look you would like. This costume accessory is ready to wear.

A sizing chart will be sent when purchased. 

Postage to the UK and internationally is tracked and signed for and the tracking number will be sent when the item is dispatched. 

Thank you for visiting Retro Revival Props. If you have any questions about any item or any custom work please send me a private message. Visit the other items on this Etsy store or visit my personal website for other creative works or more photographs.

Clint Eastwood Leather Sheepskin Vest Accurate Dollars trilogy | Man no name

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